Tuesday, August 13, 2013


My father was in the US Army for 21 years and he learned some interesting food choices from all of his travels. One of his favorites was S.O.S (shit on a shingle) also known as chipped beef on toast. I had it once that way and even though my dad was a fantastic cook, it was horrible! So over the years both of my parents "evolved" the recipe. My dad started using ground beef, seasoning it up with a little beef bullion and making a flour/water gravy. My mom who also was a fantastic cook took that and rolled with it by getting rid of the water and using evaporated milk and adding pepper. At one point she started using half ground beef half sausage. My uncle who not only was a retired US Army vet but also was a mess hall cook showed me that adding a little Worcestershire sauce is yummy. Once I started cooking I decided to play around with the recipe a bit with seasonings and meats, but I always came back to something similar my uncle made. My version is more like a sausage gravy but it is one of my kids favorites. We normally have this for dinner with canned biscuits however last night I paired it with 7-up biscuits that I made ( recipe will be blogged as well). Sooo Yummy!! I hope you enjoy!!


3 rolls of pork sausage (you can use different flavors, maple is yummy)
4-6 cups of half and half
all purpose flour to dust the meat with to make a roux (about a cup)
2 beef bouillon (you can use just sea salt if you would preferred)
1-2 tbs. Worcestershire sauce  
2 tbs. black pepper
salt to taste

Brown the sausage making sure to break it up into pieces until you no longer see pink, drain.
Dust your meat with flour making sure to let it brown onto the meat a little bit.
While the flour is browning a bit add the bouillon, Worcestershire sauce and pepper.
Pour in enough half and half to cover the meat and turn the heat down to med.
Now is a good time to put your biscuits in the oven.
Make sure you stir every 3-5 minutes this way the gravy doesn't clump.
As it starts to thicken if it needs it, add more half and half. 
Simmer for about 20 minutes, remove from heat and allow to sit for about 5 minutes.
Serve on biscuits, toast or eat it on bowls like my kids!!!


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