Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hi Y'all

I have thought long and hard about creating a blog about food. I always have so much to say about the subject. Frankly my husband thinks I am obsessed or addicted so I will start by saying...Hi my name is Nikki and I'm addicted to food and nutrition and am proud of it. It makes me happy to see the look on others faces as they smell , taste and savor my creations especially my children.
I have noticed more and more over the years that I tend to be the go to person for my friends and my kids for tips, ideas and recipes so why not create a blog maybe I can help others and I welcome comments if there are those with even better ideas because even though this is my passion I still have much to learn and much to explore!
I will dedicate myself to coming here at least twice a week if not more (probably a lot more) with recipes that I have found and ideas on how to make it tastier if it needs to be as well as my own creations. As I said this is my passion and I just want to share with others!


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