Thursday, August 15, 2013

Southern beans and snaps

I love holidays. The family love, the get-togethers and especially the food. I love also creating different kinds of dishes with the leftovers. There are times where I do not want to wait until a holiday to have holiday food or holiday leftovers. Beans and snaps are one of those dishes that gives you the holiday feel but it is pretty versatile. I normally make it when I see that my local grocery store has smoked shank pieces on sale for $.98 per lb.. It is perfect you have the ham bone which puts off a lot of flavor and there is also some meat on it. Win win!!! Plus I add hot sauce which makes it a zesty comfort food!! And if that didn't win you over it is made in the crock pot!!! I hope you enjoy this as much as we do!!

Southern Beans and Snaps

3 lb. smoked shank pieces (any ham bone with meat on it will work)
1 bag (2 lb.) frozen field peas and snaps
6 oz. Louisiana hot sauce (more if you like)
3 1/2-4 cups of water
1/4 onion cut into chunks
2 tbs. sea salt
cooked rice
optional sliced scallions

Place the ham bones in the crock pot.
Pour the field peas and snaps and the onion on top of the ham.
Add hot sauce and salt.
Pour water in making sure not to over fill (I always fill it to just below the peas)
Cook on low for about 8 hours.
Remove the bones and making sure to remove the meat off of the bone.
Serve on a bed of your favorite cooked rice topped with optional scallions and more hot sauce if you like and enjoy!!!


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