Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Flaming Yawns

I know you are thinking wow what a weird name flaming yawns...especially for a steak. It kinda came out of thin air for a buddy of mine Tony who loves my fillet mignon on the grill so he named it this. This recipe I came up with from trial and error...well more trial less error since it is really hard to mess up the flavor of a steak especially of this cut! Yes the fillet is a little pricey but I promise you it is worth it! Make sure that you get your meat from a meat market/butcher. I find that the grocery store version of the fillet is more like an expensive bacon wrapped burger. The key to this steak is the dry rub. I have tried making it many times without it and it just was not the same. You can find this brand at just about any store or you can get it online @ ( (pictured below). I hope that you enjoy this as much as we do!!

Flaming Yawns

6 (8 oz.) fillet mignon
1/2 cup Lysanders beef rub, divided in half (if you cant find you can use any beef rub)
1/2 cup butter
1 cup sweet bbq sauce (I normally use sonny's sweet bbq sauce)
3 cloves garlic, minced

Take half of your meat rub and rub the steaks liberally until they look kinda like this and set aside in the fridge for about an hour.

Light your charcoal grill making sure that the coals are surrounding the outside leaving the middle bare for indirect heating like below.

While your charcoal is heating, take a medium saucepan and combine the other half of the rub, the bbq sauce, butter and minced garlic and put it on medium heat until melted and garlic is slightly tender or about 5 minutes.
Once your coals are ready (they will be white in color), place steaks on the "indirect zone" on the grill and brush your marinade on the tops making sure to drip some on the coals, this will make them smoke which flavors the meat!
Turn them every 4-5 minutes until desired doneness.
Rule of thumb rare will have some give in the middle and read at 135-140 in the middle, med rare will have a little more bounce in the middle and read at 145, medium should feel springy in the middle and read at 160 and well done will be firm in the middle and read at 170.
Let steaks set on a rack or a wooden cutting board for about 10 minutes after giving the meat a chance to soak back up those yummy juices!!! 


Lysander's meat rub will look like this 


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