Saturday, March 30, 2013

Buffalo Chicken Dip

This is a great recipe for a football party or if you are just entertaining some friends!! It is super easy and quick! The great part is that you can use leftover chicken that you had in the fridge or you can use a chicken from the deli if you are in a hurry! If not that is okay you can either put a few boneless breasts in the slow cooker or oven until they fall apart and you can shred them. Just make sure they are tender! This is something I like using leftover Yumm Yumm chicken for! (link for Yumm Yumm chicken:

Buffalo Chicken Dip

8 oz. cream cheese softened
2-4 oz. blue cheese crumbles
2-3 cups cooked shredded chicken (I like a lot of chicken)
1 bottle of your favorite buffalo wing sauce (just enough to cover the chicken, not to much)
bag of your favorite shredded cheese (I like monterey jack/ cheddar)

preheat oven 350
In a baking dish layer your ingredients starting with the cream cheese making sure you spread it all over the bottom. Then sprinkle the cream cheese crumbles on top of the cream cheese. Place the chicken on top of the crumbles. Pour the wing sauce over the chicken. Cover the top with cheese. Bake for 15-20 minutes just melting the cheese and warming the rest. Serve with your favorite raw veggies and tortilla chips! 



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